Here you can check out our releases and also find the archive of our different musical woks.

Pink Noise [Out Now]

Pink Noise is a romantic, slightly melancolic song. It fits any season, especially Autumn with it’s cloudy, foggy a bit gloomy vibes. The song based on Future pop sound with thick drop synths and lyrical melody.

MY BLUES [Out Now]

Blues" out now!🎧🗽♥️ New track and video! Link in bio!⚡
We shot the video in NYC, Philly and Washington DC ❤️ In a few days I'll post the lyrics. Hope you're going to like the song. It's kind of an experimental track, we played with voices, tried new different sounds. I personally really love it. See ya in comments here and on our YouTube channel.

Miracle [Out Now]

Do you believe in miracles? I mean not necessarily in rainbow castles, princesses and unicorns or unexpected success, but in those teeny-tiny things that simply make you happy. Like a smile from a stranger in the subway, rays of sun waking you up early morning or just a change of seasons. I do believe. I really need a miracle in every little part of this world around me. And every time when I'm feeling sad and all blue I'm trying to find 

something cheerful and magical in simple things around me❤ That's what our new song is about. I hope it's gonna find some place in your hearts. Enjoy! 

I Know Where I'm Going [Out Now]

The category is: middle 80's realness. We were born in between 80's and 90's, so our new song "I Know Where I'm Going" i dedicated to these crazy-vogue-dance-house times. Enjoy 🕶🎥📼

My Way [Out Now]

New single "My Way" it's a manifesto of free spirit in the modern world. It's about your position in life, about thoughts and decisions that move us forward, make us independent and constantly evolving people. Increscent, bold rithm infects with it's energy. You can't seat, you are unable to control your body. You just want to dance and move along with the beat.

Feels So Good [Out Now]

New single and video "Feells So Good" is out now! Vibrant and catchy summer vibes with bubbly vocals and funny lyrics can make your day a little bit brighter. "This is my first rap experience in the song, I always wanted to try somethig  like that, old school 1980-Fresh Prince-MC Hummer like groove. And there it is, hope you're going to like it as much as I do" says Sunny the soloist of the band. The video was filmed in one take in Moscow subway. So, turn your sound on, put your old school jumpsiut on and let's dance it out!


New single Savages was released on Bass Rebels bringing more melodic but heavy dropping beats to the label. Dance and lyric video for our single "Savages" is on Youtube channel. The song is all about wild energy in music and semantic aspect. The main message of the track is that every Homo Sapiens despite of all cultural\social\mental\ tech progress is an animal by it's nature. We have wild savage instincts inside us, but trying to hide\control them every day. We behave like civilized people most of the time, but if  someone's going to take our place or something 

ours, we can became savages without blinking. That's  what this song is about. Don't be too serious about it) Enjoy both of the videos. And stay tuned, there're more tracks to come.


The idea of the video was inspired by talented Masaka Kids Africana foundation Instagram dance performance. We thought that no one can represent the song like these kids. The song is an anthem of life, joy and togetherness so the final result is just what we wanted to see and say to the world. Please, check Masaka Kids Africana on social media and YouTube and support the foundation if it's possible. The Masaka Kids Africana is composed of African children, from the age of 2 and up. Many have lost one or both parents through the devastation of war, 

famine and disease. Through their talents they demonstrate the potential of African children to become strong leaders for a better future in their land.


New single "ALIVE AGAIN" is out now! 
Watch lyric music video on YouTube! Video from Sziget festival 2017.
Available on iTunes. Google Play. Amazon. Spotify. Deezer and more..

[ПРЕМЬЕРА] Новый сингл "ALIVE AGAIN" можно послушать и посмотреть прямо сейчас на YouTube. 
Трек можно скачать в ITunes и Google Play. 


New single "VORTEX" is available now! 
Watch 90's Shuffle Dance Music Video on YouTube! 
Everybody's spinning like a vortex!)

Available on iTunes. Google Play. Amazon. Spotify. Claromusica. Deezer and more..

[ПРЕМЬЕРА] Новый сингл "VORTEX" можно послушать и посмотреть прямо сейчас на YouTube. 
трек можно  скачать в ITunes и Google Play. 

Sunny from The Moon - Under My Skin [out now]

Sunny from the Moon - La La Life (out now)

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